One of the most common struggles that dark skinned women face when dealing with beauty is feeling comfortable wearing makeup, especially bold color palettes. Somehow we’ve been convinced that certain colors don’t look good on us. When you couple this with the lack of shade range, makeup can be intimidating altogether. The reality is that bold colors are often their most beautiful and vibrant on deeper skin tones.  

Since many women that I meet with brown or dark skin shy away from wearing bright makeup, I put each of these ladies in a bold palette and chose a shoot location that would bring these colors to life. The shoot takes place in my hood,  Mott Haven in the South Bronx. 

Alongside myself, meet Crystel, Loretta and Kymani. Beautiful chocolate sisters and Uptown natives from The Bronx and Harlem. We attended High School together. Our environments as well as our deep cocoa skin has impacted how each of us move and navigate through life, but at the end of the day, we’re just girls having fun – and looking good doing it! #UPTOWNBABY.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ibrahima Diallo
MODELS: Loretta Acquah, Crystel Harris, Kymani Jade


What are you experiences with makeup as dark skinned women?